You can buy Agio Meharis Cigars online from and have them delivered direct to your door the very next day!

Agio Cigars come in 3 variants, Red Orient, Java and the ever popular Ecuador. All are unfiltered, and the same size coming in at approximately 95mm, they are a decent length cigar giving an average smoke time of 10-15 minutes depending on your style of draw.

What Is The Difference In Agio Meharis Cigars?

As noted above, they come in 3 varieties, Java, Ecuador and Red Orient. Firstly let's look at the Java. As the name suggests, this is a cigar wrapper made from a Java leaf, packed with tobaccos grown in Indonesia's East Java province. A well balanced cigar, offering an aromatic flavour which offers a slightly spicy aroma.

The Red Orient, is a favourite here at Cheapasmokes! Again a Java wrapper offering a slightly higher Vanilla aroma. The smell from the sealed packet alone is immense! Same smoke time, and exact same quality. If you prefer a more sweeter smoke, then the Red Orient is for you.

And finally, the hugely popular Ecuador! Again as the name suggests, a South American grown cigar leaf is what binds this beautiful short cigar together. Absolutely packed with flavour, this cigar is crafted in a unique way, growing the plant under large swatches of cheesecloth to avoid exposing the leaves to direct sunlight! These go perfect with a nice cold beer.

Where Can I Buy Meharis Cigars?

How Much Are Agio Meharis Cigars?

We'd like to think we are the cheapest in the UK for these cigars, and as of writing this (15/09/22) we are £8.75 per packet across all variants. We offer a next day delivery service, and with Excellent reviews on our Trustpilot you can be assured of a quality customer service. 

You can buy the Agio Meharis Cigars here:

Where can i buy meharis cigars?

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