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Meharis Ecuador Cigars, featuring a blend of rich tobaccos wrapped in an Ecuadorian wrapper, have a delicate aroma and a mild, smooth flavour. Those who choose these fine cigarillos will enjoy a relaxing flavour-defining experience, generally coupled with a light alcoholic drink. These cigars, renowned for their fine quality and affordable price, rank among Cheapasmokes' best sellers.

The cigars measure 100mm in length with a 9mm diameter, and each pack contains 10 cigars. They offer a medium-mild flavour, and no humidor is necessary.

For those who prefer a sweeter vanilla aroma, Meharis Red Orient is a suitable choice compared to the Ecuador variant. Meharis Red Orient features a Java Besuki wrapper filled with a sweet filler and light vanilla undertones.

Agio Meharis Cigars: A Brief History

A brief history of Meharis Cigars reveals their origin in the 1970s, with roots tracing back to 1904. Now the third most popular cigar globally, cigar enthusiasts worldwide love the three variants—Red Orient, Java, and Ecuador.

Agio introduced the Mehari's brand in the early 1970s, marking a successful venture that continues to thrive. The company strategically acquired Balmoral and Panter, expanding its impressive portfolio and solidifying its prominent position in the cigar industry. In 1985, Agio established a production facility in Sri Lanka, followed by another in the Dominican Republic in 1990. By 2004, Agio achieved an annual sales volume of 800 million cigars.

The Company's Success!

Agio's success is a testament to its ability to prosper in unconventional geographic origins, serving as an inspiring example for contemporary cigar manufacturers. Despite facing challenges, the company has maintained substantial success.

Meharis Cigars in the UK

In the UK, Meharis Cigars are available in three varieties: Java, Red Orient, and Ecuador. Each variant offers a flavoursome and quick smoke, with a well-balanced flavour profile that complements light alcoholic drinks.

Cheapasmokes exclusively sells genuine UK duty-paid Meharis Ecuador by Agio.

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