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Auld Kendal Hand Rolling Tobacco

Auld Kendal Hand Rolling Tobacco is crafted right here in the UK!

If you're a hand rolling tobacco fan or like to tube your own cigarettes, Gawith Hoggarth's Auld Kendal Hand Rolling Tobacco is just what your need! A premium blended hand rolling tobacco but not at a premium price, and we challenge you to find a better hand rolling tobacco in the UK, and at the amazing low prices we have right here at! We currently stock the ranges below, and due to the new legislation's brought in in 2017, flavoured hand rolling tobacco is now discontinued, with only unscented and menthol available. We do however, have a range of Tobacco Flavoured Sprays, which you can use to flavour your own Auld Kendal Hand Rolling Tobacco. Take a look at them here.