Auld Kendal Golden Blend Hand Rolling Tobacco

Size: 1 x 30gm Pouch


Auld Kendal Golden Blend Gold 30gm hand rolling tobacco, is brought to you by the well known Gawith Hoggarth in Kendal. A mid premium hand rolling tobacco in a handy 30gm pouch. The Auld Kendal range of unscented gold tobacco is one of Cheapasmokes best selling hand rolling tobaccos, down to it's low price and high premium quality.

Important note: This pre-packed product is currently unavailable from Gawith Hoggarth, you will receive weighed out 30gm pouches.

Auld Kendal Gold Tobacco is a premium hand rolling tobacco and available in several pack sizes. Here at Cheapasmokes we sell 30gm pouches and also above 30gm, available on request and in many of our high street branches. Kendal Gold Tobacco is clean and without the harshness you get from many well known brands, this being another reason it's one of our best sellers.

Made in the UK
Genuine Auld Kendal Golden Tobacco 30 Gram
Strictly over 18's only

Note: The 50gm pouches are not pre-packed and are weighed out into single pouches.

You will be asked at the checkout to verify you are over the age of 18.

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