If you are having trouble placing an order, please follow these simple steps.

1. Add the item you wish to purchase to the 'Cart', if you need to change the quantity, use the picture below to help. If you require larger quantities, use the up/down arrows and then the circle 'Update Cart' button to update the changes.

2. Once you have the required quantity, click 'Check Out'. This will take you to the next section, which will require a shipping address. P&P prices are displayed at this point.

3. You will then be sent to 'Worldpay' a secure payment site and one of the UK's leading payment providers. Cheapasmokes does not hold any card details.

4. Once the payment has been made, Worldpay will return you to the Cheapasmokes website to complete the order, it is vitally important that you let this part of the check out complete.

5. If you have submitted your Email address you should receive an order confirmation in a few minutes.


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