The simple answer to this question is yes! Did you know it is now very easy to make your own? You can buy everything you need right here from Cheapasmokes, and the savings just might surprise you.

Tubing your own cigarettes used to be a lot harder than it is today, but with tobacco companies realising the a few years ago the sales of pre-made smokes was on the decline, they introduced everything you need to make your own including Tobacco, Tubes and Machines. The most popular and most affordable is the Make Your Own brand from Imperial Tobacco. 

How Much Are Cigarette Tubes?

For 100 MYO cigarette tubes it is 99p, this will make 100 cigarettes. Imperial have been making these for several years. They come in King Size only.

How Much Is The Machine?

As of writing this (12/09/22), the make your own machine is just £3.63. It is a simple device, full instructions are provided. 

How Do I Use The Make Your Own Cigarette Machine?

  1. Open the machine tobacco compartment by lifting the sliding lid.
  2. Place the tobacco evenly in the compartment and press down with the compressing tool.
  3. Before closing the lid, slide the cigarette tube onto the nozzle.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Push the lid backwards as far as it it will go, then slide it forward to its original position.
  6. Your cigarette is ready to enjoy!
Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cigarettes?

This machine is designed for MYO tubes and tubing tobacco only.

How Much Is Tubing Tobacco?

One of the most popular is JPS Tubing Volume. As of writing this (12/09/22) it was £27.30 for a 50gm tub. Specially designed for such purpose, literally it does what it says on the tin. 

How Many Cigarettes Will I Get From 50gm Tub?

There are a few factors to consider. The amount of product used all depends on how tightly it is packed. Over pack and the cigarette will be packed tight and drawing will be hard, not packing enough in will have the opposite effect and the tobacco will simply fall out. The machine does do a lot of the work for you, you only need to add the correct amount to pack it perfectly, but it is all down to 'practice makes perfect' as the saying goes. Be patient, test out the amount and eventually you will crack it.

You will be able to make approximately 100 tubed cigarettes from the 50gm tub, but as noted it all depends on how much you use.  

£27.30 / 100 is £5.47 for 20! This price includes the tobacco and tubes. This does not take into account the machine costing £3.63.

So, there you have it, it really is that cheaper to make your own cigarettes by quite a large margin!

You can everything you need to make your own here:


Is it cheaper to make your own cigarettes?

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