Amber Leaf is one if not the best selling hand rolling tobacco in the UK. Available in 30gm and 50gm pouches and you can get it delivered direct to your door with

Does Amber Leaf Come With Papers?

One of the questions most asked and quite rightly so. Yes, both the 30gm and 50gm pouches come with a packet of rolling papers, the handy pack also comes with filters, so rolling your own is simple as you get everything you need to make the perfect roll up.

How Much is Amber Leaf Tobacco?

How Much Is Amber Leaf Tobacco?

As of writing this (8/9/22), were selling the 30gm pouch for £17.40 and the 50gm pouch for £28.70, both being competitive pries.

How To Spot Fake Amber Leaf.

Due to the track and trace tobacco system which came into place in 2019, it is now a lot easier to spot a fake packet. Every packet and hand rolling tobacco and cigarettes now comes with its own small QR code, this can be scanned and then traced. Obviously general members of the public do not have this facility, but by looking for this small QR code, and asking your retailer if they are part of the system, will give you an extra step of security.

Plain packaging is also a key factor, all rolling tobacco and cigarettes in the UK are now a olive colour, with no distinctive brand packaging. Poor packaging, incorrect spelling, poor quality tobacco, and a heavy discounted prices are all red flags and should you find any of these, you are more than likely purchasing illegal fake amber leaf.

Can You Buy Amber Leaf Tobacco Online?

Yes! are one of the UK's online leading tobacconists, and this brand is one of their best sellers! You can get it delivered to your door the very next day, and with Excellent Trustpilot reviews, you can be assured of quality products and a top notch customer service!.

Buy Your Amber Leaf Here.

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