The size of the Al Capone cigars might be a little bit of a worry, but don't be fooled! The compact size is nothing to be worried about. Absolutely packed with flavour, these mini cigars are something you are going to love, and you can have them delivered direct to your door!

Growing in popularity in recent years, these tiny cigars are becoming something of a giant, and with the beautiful sweet flavour emanating from the cognac these are perfect for short relaxing smokes.

What Are Al Capone Cigars?

Now we are going to be totally honest, we had no idea what they were just a few years ago. A customers request for these items lead us on a discovery trail to find out where we could source them. They are brought to you in the UK by Ritmeester cigars, affectionally known as Royal Dutch to many smokers.


Where Can I Buy Al Capone Cigars?


They are a small, mini cigar coming in at 68mm in length with a 16mm filter. They give an approximate smoking time of around 7 minutes depending on how you draw. As noted above, don't let the size of them put you off, because the taste and smoking sensation is extremely pleasant. With a Trustpilot product review across the range as Excellent, the feedback is to be noted.

You can buy Al Capone Cigars now from and have them delivered direct to your door:

Where can i buy al capone cigars?

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