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Ritmeester who manufacture these cigars, make them in several variations, from Half Corona to Elites and Miniatures. The most popular by far are the Miniatures, which are available in Yellow, Blue, Flame Filter and Double Filter. Popular on the continent but ever increasing in popularity in the UK, the variant of Miniatures are an excellent small cigar, with a constant quality.

What Is The Difference Between Yellow And Blue?

The Yellow Royal Dutch, are stronger than the Blue, the blue being the smoother variant, offering a less harsh taste, but the same quality and size we have come to expect. A medium intensity smoke comes from the yellow, the blue is more medium to mild. Both offer a smoke of approximately 10 minutes, and both being non filtered. To sum up, if you prefer a slightly milder miniature cigar, choose blue.


Where Can I Buy Royal Dutch Cigars?

What Is The Flame Filter Cigar?

The Flame, has had a name change in recent years, changing from Sunshine. The product however hasn't changed and neither has the quality. This variant from Royal Dutch has grown in popularity recently, another mini cigar starting to take over the market, and for good reason. The flavour is aromatic, many of our customers compare this to the Signature Red. A vanilla dipper filter, leaves a unique taste on the lips and can be enjoyed straight out of the pack. Coming in at 90mm, and now in a packet of 10.

The Double Filter? What Is That?

As the name suggests, the double filter is exactly what it is, double filtered! A standard white filter that you usually see, plus a carbon filter to take out all those nasty things! A fine aromatic cigar, sweet to the taste with the added filters giving this mini a beautiful overall smoke. Coming in at 90mm in length, and 10 per pack. 

We hope we have covered a few of the Royal Dutch Miniature cigars, and given an honest review of what to expect. Overall, quality and price cannot be beaten, and our Trustpilot product reviews give an overall review as Excellent across the range.

You can buy the full range of cigars here:

Where can i buy royal dutch cigars?

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