Castella Panatella Cigars -

Castella Panatella Cigars, one of the best known cigar brands in the UK and best selling for several reasons. Castella Panatella Cigars are a blend of Java and Cuban tobacco leaf to bring you that superior smooth flavour. Here at Cheapasmokes we like to give the customer the best possible price and service, and we know you will not be disappointed! 

Castella Panatella Cigars come in at 125 mm in length, are a mild to medium flavour and do not need cutting so they can be enjoyed straight out of the packet. They are cellophane wrapped to protect them and keep them perfect and ready to smoke. You can purchase a single packet of Castella Panatella Cigars here at Cheapasmokes or purchase a full outer of 5 packets. 

As always you can contact Cheapasmokes about these Castella Panatella Cigars to find out more or to purchase in bulk. We have a telephone sales team and Email: 01254202233 -

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