If you're looking for which tobaccos are suitable for use with cigarette tubes, then let Cheapasmokes help! We are a leading online & high street retailer of cigarettes, tobacco, cigars and all smoking accessories. 

What are cigarette tubes?

Basically, cigarette tubes are empty cigarettes. You can fill these empty tubes with several kinds of tobacco, such as our leading seller JPS Players Tubing Tobacco. One of the benefits of tubing your own cigarette is you decide on the type of tobacco, its strength and its flavour! If you're not a fan of rolling your own, tubing your own cigarettes could be for you! Lets look at the following;

  • What is tubing your own cigarettes?
  • Which tobacco should I use for tubing?
  • What type of machine do I need?
  • What type of tubes can you buy?

What is tubing your own cigarettes?

As we mentioned above, tubing your own is simply that. You need a tubing machine, tubes and tobacco but we will cross all of those below. Tubing your own is becoming more and more popular as price increases make it even more harder for smokers to to do just that, smoke! You need to spend a little more but only slightly on the outlay for the machines and the tubes, but once you start, the savings will start!

Which tobacco should I use for tubing?

This is the ever important question, which tobacco should I use for tubing?! It can look like a minefield from the outset, but once you know what works, it becomes easier. Like we mentioned above, the JPS Players Volume Tobacco is created just for tubing your own, is slightly drier so it slides into the empty cigarette tubes easily. Cheapasmokes recommends a hand rolling tobacco, which when left open can dry out to allow the tubing to be easier. Finding the right tobacco which you find easy to tube and smoke, is at your discretion.

What type of machine do I need?

This is another important question, and one that we hope we can assist with. We stock only the best affordable tubing machines which are the Make Your Own Tubing machine and Swans Tubing Machine, both of which do a perfect job of making a fine tubed cigarette. We do recommend using the Make Your Own Tubes and Swans Tubes with the appropriate machines.

Which types of tubes can you buy?

We stock only the finest and most popular in the UK here at Cheapasmokes which include, Make Your Own Tubes, Swan Tubes and Mascotte Tubes which come in several types, regular, menthol and XL. We only recommend using the correct tube which are paired with the correct machine. 

And finally...

How do you use a tubing machine?

We have put this page together to help you do just that!

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