You can buy Royal Dutch Flame Cigars from and have them delivered direct to your door the very next day!

Royal Dutch Flame, previously known as Sunshine Filter are quite new to the UK market, making headway in 2021, and slowly starting to become popular in the UK due to their quality, smoke and price. A slightly aromatic smoke, they are wrapped in a San Antonio leaf for a modern new smoking experience.

The Flame Cigarillo is dipped at the filter and therefore leaves a unique taste on the lips and can be enjoyed straight out of the pack. The filter is Vanilla dipped, some commenting that it is more Honey flavoured but only the smoker can decide which, lets just say it's sweet on the lips.

Where Can I Buy Royal Dutch Flame Filter Online UK Cheap

At around a 10 minute smoke, these are not an all nighter, made for those times when a coffee and short smoke are needed in the mornings, or that after work mid evening chill, with a small glass of something.

The reviews speak for themselves when it comes to the Flame Filter, 'These will give a cigar smoker a good short hit'. With an Excellent rating on Trustpilot, buying these cigarillos from Cheapasmokes comes with the added benefit of low prices and a great customer service!

You can buy the Royal Dutch Flame Filter Cigarillos Here:

Where can i buy royal dutch flame cigars?

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