Are you looking for the current price of Amber Leaf tobacco in the UK?

Cheapasmokes sells the full range of this product, in 30gm pouches and 50gm and also the Handy Pack which comes with Papers and Tips to help you roll that perfect cigarette! Amber Leaf is one of the UK's most popular hand rolling tobaccos, but the price might shock you!

For a 30gm pouch this product comes in at £17.40 (22/09/22) and for a 50gm pouch it is £28.70 (22/09/22). Now, this is obviously a premium product and has been for many years. Did you know however that many hand rolling tobaccos which are made by JTI who make Amber Leaf also have a range of cheaper options?.

Benson and Hedges Blue Tobacco

Released in 2022, B&H Blue hand rolling tobacco is growing in popularity, not just because of the price but because of how great it is! This is a superb alternative to Amber Leaf and as the price is considerably lower there are definite savings to be had. The price of the 50gm pouch compared to Amber Leaf is a saving of £6.95! (22/09/22). As noted this item is made by the same company, and with B&H being a brand of quality for many years you can be assured of an excellent hand rolling product.

You can buy the Benson and Hedges Blue tobacco here:

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