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Did you know Gold Leaf tobacco is similar to Amber Leaf?

A smooth blend similar to that of Amber Leaf, coming in a 30gm and 50gm pouch and now a 100gm tub which gives the customer an added saving. Both of these products are great quality for hand rolling your own cigarettes but can also be used for tubing your own, if you have the skill to do so. 

What Are The Best Tobaccos For Rolling Your Own Cigarettes?

As mentioned above, both Gold Leaf and Amber Leaf are crafted for rolling your own, but if you are looking at saving money, let's take a look at a few alternatives. We also say here at Cheapasmokes. it comes down to personal taste and preference when it comes to tobacco products. There are many pouches and brands to choose from such as Sterling and Benson & Hedges Blue, and if you don't mind trying something a little different, take a look at Turner. All of these are available right here at Cheapasmokes.com, the only thing we don't supply is a lighter!

We can't leave this bit without mentioning Golden Virginia! A staple and probably one of the best known hand rollers in the UK. When it comes to quality, you are going to be hard pressed to beat it, but it is a refined smoke. 

Can I Order These Tobaccos Online?

Of course, it is so simple to order your tobacco from Cheapasmokes.com. We don't just have the brands mentioned above, we have many more! In fact, if you can buy it legally in the UK, we stock it! We also have a wide range of Cigarettes and Cigars and all the smoking accessories you could ever need. If you don't find what you're looking for, just drop one of the team an email or call and we will assist. 01254 202233/234

To order you will need to open and account and prove you're 18+, which is easy to do and takes a few minutes. You can upload you ID when setting up an account. All data is protected and deleted upon age verification!

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What is a good alternative to amber leaf?

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