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Are you looking for Sterling Dual Cigarettes? Did you know one of the UK's leading online tobacconists stocks this brand, and many more?

Did you know Sterling Dual are one of the UK's best selling cigarettes? Back before the Menthol ban, these used to be a menthol crushball cigarette, but now due to the ban they are not. The menthol crushball is missed by a lot of smokers who miss that menthol flavour. There are alternatives though which we will look at later.

Getting back to Sterling Dual. These are now a Dual pack, which means the pack is spilt into 2 10's when opened. A very clever way of keeping the Dual name! To clarify, these are not a menthol cigarette. 

We mentioned above about missing menthol cigarettes and the alternatives which are available to smokers. Have you heard of Elixyr cigarettes? If not, let me explain how these work, and how you can get a menthol smoke, super fast! Elixyr have a hollow filter, which you can slide in a menthol filter! It's as simple as that. You can buy these and the correct menthol filters on this link here:

If you are looking for next day delivery on your Sterling Dual cigarettes and a fantastic customer support, then look no further. You can buy them here:

Buy sterling dual cigarettes online uk

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