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Tobacco which goes into cigarette tubes is available here at Cheapasmokes and comes in many many brands and pack sizes. To help you find out which one might be for you on quality and price, we have listed several below to help you.

Any hand rolling tobacco can be used for tubing, but as you might know hand rolling tobacco is quite moist and depending on your favourite brand, you might find it doesn't tube very well. There are now a couple of tobaccos designed just for tubing.

Players launched a 'Volume Tobacco' in 2017, and this comes to you from the well known and best selling JPS brand. Volume tobacco is designed to be for hand rolling and tubing, and uses 'technology' to give it more volume. JPS Players Volume Tobacco is not as moist as a regular hand rolling tobacco, therefore it slides better into your chosen cigarette tube. JPS Players volume tobacco comes in 30g and 50g pack sizes.

The great thing about tubing your own cigarettes is that you can choose your choice of tube and tobacco, from a menthol cigarette tube or plain, to XL size. Tobacco's come in all flavours, you could even tube using a menthol tube and cherry hand rolling tobacco, if this is your thing!

We also recommend Kendal Gold Hand Rolling tobacco from Gawith Hoggarth in Kendal, and it's available from 30gm. Kendal Gold is a premium tobacco crafted right here in the UK. Perfect for those who love a fine Virginia, with an aroma which is absolutely perfect!

Find out more about JPS Players here:

Find out more about Kendal Gold here:

We hope you like these Tobacco For Cigarette Tubes choices, you will also see the recently launched Rothmans Tubing Tobacco also using the JPS Players link above!

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