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Looking for Gawith Hoggarth Coffee Caramel Tobacco?

Doesn't it sound beautiful, a blend of Coffee and Caramel Tobacco? The reviews are in, and we can tell you right now, this blend of tobacco is.....

American Blend C & C, the name it goes by due to changes in legislation, but rest assured inside this 50g tin is a perfect blend of Dark Cavendish tobacco which is absolutely divine and has an aroma to beat anything, believe us! Presented in a 50g smokers tin, which is quite new to thew market, this only came on to the scene in recent years, but is becoming popular because quite obviously you get a resealable tin which keeps the tobacco in great shape!

So, review wise? You want to know what this Gawith Hoggarth Coffee Caramel Tobacco is like on the smoke? From our customers ;

  • "Sticky tobacco.."
  • "Sweet on the aroma, but not so much on the smoke..."
  • "Mild and not overpowering on the nicotine levels..."
  • "Moist!..."

We have some great reviews for this Gawith Hoggarth Coffee Caramel Tobacco, and we know you are going to love it too. This one is for those who like a sweetness to their smoke, but it is not too overpowering with no bite and no bitter after taste.

Find out more about Gawith Hoggarth Coffee Caramel Tobacco, and purchase here:

Gawith hoggarth coffee caramel tobacco

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