Sterling Tobacco 30g Price -

Are you looking for the price of Sterling 30gm tobacco? Here at Cheapasmokes we have Sterling 30gm at a very low price, not only in our online shop but also in our market and high street branches.

The current price of Sterling 30gm tobacco is £10.75 or £10.70 if you purchase a full outer of 5 packets or more. We like to give our customers the best deal possible and have some of the lowest P&P rates in the UK for online tobacco and cigarettes. We ship the very same day on all stock items which includes Sterling Tobacco 30gm and 50gm.

Sterling Tobacco 30gm Price

Sterling is quite a new hand rolling tobacco here in the UK, and has only been in shops for a couple of years. In 2019, this brand of hand rolling is starting to dominate the market, due to its continued low price and excellent quality.

If you are looking for Sterling tobacco at a very low price, then look no further and purchase it here:

Sterling tobacco 30g price

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