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Are you a cigarette smoker? Do you tube your own cigarettes? If no, why not?

Here at Cheapasmokes we have a wide range of items to help fulfil your needs, including several tobaccos crafted for tubing and several tubes with and without a  menthol filter tip! Tubing your own cigarettes has become very popular in recent years, due to the amount of money you can save by doing so. For example, 1 x pack of plain 200 tubes for £1.00 and 1 x pack of 200 menthol tubes is just £1.49, and a 30gm pouch of menthol hand rolling tobacco is only £11.84. Now, you are probably wondering how many cigarettes you can get from one 30gm packet? To be honest it depends and there is no exact answer, but anywhere between 1gm and 2gm per cigarette, but there are solutions...

We have a couple of tobaccos specifically designed for tubing your own, these are Players Red Volume Tobacco and Ashford Original. These both come as volume packed, and are quite dry, which can help the tubing process. It is all, 'practice makes perfect' but with tubing machines designed to help you make the perfect cigarette, within a few tries you will be able to craft the perfect tubed smoke!

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