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Royal Dutch cigars are a popular brand that offers a range of machine-made and hand-rolled cigars. Here's some general information about Royal Dutch cigars:

  1. Brand History: Royal Dutch is a brand owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, a leading global tobacco company. The brand has a long history dating back to the 19th century and is known for its craftsmanship and quality.

  2. Cigar Varieties: Royal Dutch offers a variety of cigar options, including small cigars, cigarillos, and larger cigars. They are available in different blends, flavors, and strengths to cater to various preferences.

  3. Machine-made Cigars: Royal Dutch is particularly known for its machine-made cigars, which are made using automated processes. These cigars are often more affordable and have a consistent flavor profile.

  4. Hand-Rolled Cigars: In addition to machine-made cigars, Royal Dutch also produces hand-rolled cigars. These cigars are typically made by skilled artisans and are considered to offer a higher level of craftsmanship and complexity.

  5. Flavour Profiles: Royal Dutch cigars come in different flavours, ranging from mild and smooth to medium-bodied and full-flavored. Common flavours include vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and various fruit infusions.

It's important to note that individual preferences for cigars can vary greatly, so it's advisable to try different cigars from Royal Dutch to find the ones that suit your taste. 

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