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Looking for an honest review of La Invicta Cigars?

In recent years, the La Invicta range of cigars has slowly expanded in the UK, and are now starting to dominate the market, with excellent quality and low prices over the full range from miniatures to the larger Canons. 

La Invicta is a brand of handmade cigars that originates from Honduras. They are known for producing premium-quality cigars that offer a rich smoking experience. La Invicta cigars are made using a blend of carefully selected tobacco leaves, which are expertly rolled by skilled craftsmen.

One of the notable features of La Invicta cigars is their construction. They are typically made with long filler tobacco, which means that the leaves run the full length of the cigar, resulting in a more even burn and consistent flavor profile. The wrappers used on La Invicta cigars are often Connecticut Shade or Habano, which can add depth and complexity to the smoking experience.

La Invicta cigars come in various sizes and shapes, including robustos, toros, and churchills, allowing smokers to choose the size that suits their preferences. They are generally regarded as medium-bodied cigars, offering a balance between flavor and strength. The flavor profiles of La Invicta cigars can include notes of cedar, earth, pepper, cocoa, and occasionally hints of sweetness.

Reviews of La Invicta cigars tend to be positive, with many smokers appreciating the consistent quality and enjoyable smoking experience they offer. However, as with any subjective experience, individual tastes may vary. It's always a good idea to explore different cigars and try them first hand to determine your own preferences.

So What Are La Invicta Cigars Like?

Honestly, we could go on for hours but we are going to keep this short and concise. For the price, you cannot go wrong, both the Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars from La Invicta offer a superb smoke, light to medium with a delicious aroma of sweet notes. Some smokers find a hint of pepper, others getting a chocolate hit and aroma from the Nicaraguans.

The full range come cellophane wrapped or presented in cedar lined tubes.

Burn time, anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, with a wide range of ring size.

Are La Invicta An Affordable Cigar?

Absolutely they are, and here at Cheapasmokes we like to think we offer the lowest price and the best customer service anywhere in the UK. We offer them in single cigars and in bundles, so you can try both the Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars, without breaking the bank.

Find the full range of La Invicta cigars here:

La invicta cigars review

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