Are you looking for cheap Royal Dutch Cigars in the UK?

Here at Cheapasmokes we sell a wide variety of cigars including a large range from Royal Dutch including miniatures, half coronas and several more. Royal Dutch Cigars are one of the UK's most popular due to their continued quality and low prices. If you are a fan of miniature cigars, Royal Dutch have a couple of lines which include the 'Yellow' and 'Blue' varieties, both coming in at just £7.95 for a packet of 20, lowered to £7.82 if you purchase a full outer of 10 packets!

We also stock the Royal Dutch Elite and Half Corona, these also being discounted if you purchase a full outer, and with our same day dispatch on all stock items policy, you could have your items the next day if you order before 3pm Monday to Friday!

Check out our full range of Royal Dutch Cigars from Ritmeester here:

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