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Golden Virginia, a powerhouse of a tobacco and one of the UK's leading brands for hand rolling. Golden Virginia comes in 2 pack types, 30gm and Golden Virginia 50gm which includes free papers. This tobacco comes in 'Original' and 'Yellow' which is the smoother blend which many smokers prefer.

Here at Cheapasmokes we stock all 2 levels of Golden Virginia, and with our same day shipping and no minimum order, you can have 1 packet of Golden Virginia 50gm delivered to your door the next day for under £1.00!

Golden Virginia is a blend of quality tobaccos and is fine cut making it ideal for hand rolling your own cigarettes. Golden Virginia can also be used for tubing, but many of our customers find the moisture levels too high and prefer the Rothmans and JPS Players tubing tobaccos which are designed for tubing. 

So, you can buy Golden Virginia Tobacco online direct from and have it delivered to your home for under £1! We don't think you can beat our service and our prices!

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Golden virginia tobacco buy online

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