Kendal Gold Unscented Hand Rolling Tobacco -

Auld Kendal Golden Blend 30gm Tobacco, is at present our lowest priced 30gm hand rolling tobacco! Here at Cheapasmokes we like to give you the customer the lowest price and the best customer service, that's why we ship your items daily if you order before 4pm Mon/Fri.

The Kendal Gold Tobacco is without a doubt one of the UK's finest hand rolling tobacco, due to its premium gut and blend, with very little stem and more premium Virginia leaf. We truly believe you will love this hand rolling blend from Auld Kendal, it doesn't have the chemical harshness you get with other leading brands, it's very low priced and it can be with you the very next day if you order before 4pm!

The Auld Kendal 30gm range also offers Menthol & Georgia Blend. The Georgia Blend has recently been introduced, and our customers love it! Aimed at this who prefer the best selling Golden Virginia blend. It's online in our stores and in our high street branches in the North West & North East on England.

It's available here:

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