Cigarette Filters by Swan -

Swan Filter Tips are one of the UK's best selling cigarette filters and for several reason. 

Cigarette filters, are for many a necessity when it comes to hand rolling your own cigarettes. There are many filters on the market, Slim, Ultra Slim, Extra Slim, Standard, Menthol, Skinny and many more and it can become a mine field knowing what is best. Swan Filters are one of Cheapasmokes best selling items and have been for several years due to there premium quality at an affordable price. Swan Filters might not be the cheapest, but as the saying goes 'you get what your pay for' and with Swan, you know exactly what you are getting.

Swan Cigarette Filters come in many shapes and pack sizes, and are for the moment available in a menthol variety. Swan Slim, Swan Extra Slim, Swan Ultra Slim and Swan Extra Slim Menthol are our leading brands and are constantly on offer here at Cheapasmokes. We have multi buys where you can buy 2 for £1.00 or 2 for £1.50. 

Swan Cigarette Filters are most definitely a leading brand and if you are looking for a quality cigarette filter, look no further....! 

Check out our selection of Swan Cigarette Filters here.

Cigarette filters by swan

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