Kendal Dark Thick Cut Tobacco -

One of Gawith Hoggarths best tobaccos is Kendal Dark Thick Cut Tobacco. A thick cut blend of dark fired and air cured Virginia's, with a beautiful aroma to fill your senses!. We hand pick and pack into pouches here at Cheapasmokes so you can be assured of exceptional quality with every order. Kendal Dark Thick Cut Tobacco is available from 12.5gm pouches up to 500gm bags, all with the same service and all with a great low price which you will find hard to beat. 

Although classed as a thick cut, on reading and listening to our own customer reviews, many say that this is more of a shag cut, but only slightly. Long ribbons of beautifully selected dark tobaccos, Kendal Dark Thick Cut Tobacco is one of our best sellers for those looking for a more intense smoke, and if you know Hoggarth's quality, you will know how great it is.

Slow burning, deep and dark flavours which not only gives off an aroma when pouched, but also on the smoke. A clean smoke and as noted, a great quality premium tobacco from Gawith but at an amazing low price here at Cheapasmokes.

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Kendal dark thick cut tobacco.

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