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Amber Leaf Blonde has been recently discontinued in the 50gm pouch, but you will be pleased to know the 30gm pouch and 30gm Handy Pack continue, and are in stock here at Cheapasmokes.

Amber Leaf Blonde is the paler coloured Amber Leaf tobacco, a more cigarette blend, smoother and finer on the smoke. With the discontinuation of the 50gm pouch, sales have increased with the 30gm Handy Packs in recent months, and because the 30gm Handy Pack comes with a pack of 50 rolling papers, many of our customers prefer the crush proof box for ease and for it's price.

Amber Leaf Blonde will be available for some time to come yet, and is a great hand rolling tobacco with premium quality at a low price.

Find out more and purchase here:

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