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The Hamlet cigar, synonymous with quality and a staple of all tobacconists for many years. The classic panatela comes in several pack sizes, 5's, 10's and a drum of 50 cigars. 

How Much Are Hamlet Cigars?

As of writing this (29/09/22), Cheapasmokes were selling Hamlet cigars as follows;

Growing in popularity since the 1980's in the UK, due to the very popular TV and Media adverts, Hamlet Cigars are now a staple of every tobacconist in the UK. Machine made, individually wrapped to keep them in perfect condition, these cigars can be smoked straight from the packet, a smooth mild smoke which isn't an all nighter, an approximate smoking time of around 10 to 12 minutes.

Are Hamlet Cigars Good?

Trying to review a Hamlet Cigar can be quite tricky. Why? Well it is all down to personal taste, and the price you want to pay. We could tell you they are the best Cigar available in the UK right, now but this would be wrong to do so. They are by far the best, but for the price you really cannot go wrong. are very competitive when it comes to the price of Hamlet Panatella cigars, as we noted above. 

Are there better cigars for the price? Take a look at the Royal Dutch Panatella, priced at just £6.40 for 5 (29/09/22).

You can buy them all here:

Hamlet cigars 10 pack - buy online

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