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For a budget cigar, the Half Corona from Royal Dutch is a fine example of a quality cigar without a big outlay on cash. A 15 minute smoke approximately, with a flavoursome smoke, on the aromatic side. 

We have for many years been selling these cigars online and in our retail shops in the North West and North East of England. A machine made cigar which is very similar to the Henri Winterman Half Corona, but a little shorter in length, and we mean only just!

Now, some of the online reviews for these cigars can be a little 'harsh', many commenting that they are harsh in taste, but we always say here at Cheapasmokes it is all down to personal taste. Overall the reviews are great, with 'Smooth' and 'Mild' being mentioned several times, and overpowering the more harsher taste reviews.

We also note that these are a great starter for those who may want to dip into the world of Cigars, without jumping in too deep and spending a fortune on something that you find is not to your liking.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget cigar, which is a medium to mild smoke, which is approximately 15 minutes to enjoy, (with a nice coffee or brandy), then this is perfect! It might just be what you're looking for, and as noted the price is right!

Find and more and purchase Half Coronas by Royal Dutch here.

Royal Dutch Half Corona Cigars Reviews


Royal dutch half corona cigars reviews

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