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Rizla Flavour Cards in both Fresh Mint and Menthol Chill are sweeping the nation, to become one of the most popular smoking accessories for 2020! With the menthol cigarette and hand rolling ban coming into effect in May 2020, smokers were looking for ways to get that menthol flavour in their cigarettes, and Rizla hit the spot with their flavour cards!

Simple and very easy to use, you simply pop one of the Rizla Flavour Cards in your packet of cigarettes, wait 60 minutes (You might want to plan ahead of time) and voila! The flavour has infused into the cigs!

Now, we will be honest here at Cheapasmokes, the feedback is very mixed, many customers love them and cannot be without them, and some find them a waste of time and don't bother. Since May, here at Cheapasmokes we have been talking with a lot of our customers, both through online sales and through our high street shops to tell smokers it is all about 'personal taste'.

Rizla Flavour Cards For Cigarettes

Many smokers have simply bypassed the Rizla cards and gone straight to the new 'Green' cigarettes, these being a new blend, a new fresher flavour with a mentholated filter in some to take away the harshness of the tobacco taste, which is what most menthol smokers were trying to do in the first place. And so, this is where the Rizla Flavour Cards become a great team, adding them to a packet of the new 'Green' cigarettes, with a fresh new blend, the Flavour Cards really does add even more freshness!

Why not take a look for yourself, they are only 30p per packet, this will infuse 20 cigarettes. You can find them here: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/rizla-flavour-cards-menthol-and-mint

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