Principes Chocolate Flavoured Cigars -

Do you like a chocolate flavoured cigar?

We have recently added a popular range of chocolate cigars to our online shop and several of our high street retail outlets in the UK. Principes Chocolate Flavoured Cigars are a machine made fine cigar, medium strength but with a beautiful flavour and aroma. 

At only 4.5" long these chocolate cigars are not too big, and also not too overpowering. Principes also offers a range of Corona in these flavours also. 

If you are looking for a chocolate flavoured fine cigar in the UK then make sure you check out our Principes Chicos range, they come in 3 flavours, Blond (Vanilla), Brown, (Chocolate), and Red (Cherry), all the same size and price. 

You can find them all here in our collection of flavoured cigars:

Chocolate flavoured cigar

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