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Are you looking for a quality but also affordable menthol pipe tobacco?

Here at Cheapasmokes we have a large range and the cheapest online for those wanting a premium quality menthol pipe tobacco. Menthol tobacco is becoming something of a rarity in recent times, and with menthol tobacco being delisted altogether very soon, it's becoming very hard to find! Cheapasmokes stock a large range of menthol pipe tobaccos and also menthol hand rolling tobaccos. From the popular Fosters brand to Auld Kendal Hand Rolling and shag smoking tobaccos from the Kendal range. 

Menthol flavouring is also mixed very commonly with cherry with ourselves stocking several varieties of Cherry & Menthol tobacco.

If you're looking for a menthol tobacco for hand rolling or tubing your own cigarettes, Cheapasmokes recommend the Auld Kendal Golden Menthol tobacco which is crafted right here in Kendal in the UK for just that purpose. A fine cut and very smooth tobacco mix ideal for rolling and tubing.

If you are looking for a menthol pipe tobacco or looking for smoking tobacco to be used as you desire, we offer Kendal Mixed Menthol Tobacco which starts at just A course cut tobacco and not crafted for rolling or tubing. Kendal Mixed Menthol is once again smooth, and cut from the finest Virginia's and Burley to bring you a superb quality smoke.

Fosters Menthol in 25gm pouches is another popular pipe and smoking tobacco brought to you by the popular Fosters Tobacco brand. A course cut tobacco with menthol flavouring, which is a very popular pre packed menthol tobacco. 

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