Here at Cheapasmokes, we like to think ourselves as knowledgeable when it comes to tobacco products, we have been selling tobacco based items for over 40 years!

We are going to look to see if it is cheaper to roll your own tobacco, compared to buying pre made cigarettes such as Sterling for instance.

Is It Cheaper To Roll Your Own Tobacco?

The easy answer to this question is an undoubtable yes, but why? A standard packet of cigarettes costs approximately £10*, when compared to a 30gm packet of Sterling Hand Rolling Tobacco which is £13.25*. Now this may sound wrong, but when you compare the amount of smokes a pouch of tobacco will give you between 40 and 60 roll ups! It does depend on the amount of tobacco you add to each roll up, but if you are careful and you can make it stretch out.

A £10* packet of cigarettes is 50p per smoke, when compared to a roll up which works out at around 26p a smoke. (This is working out an average of 50 roll ups per 30gm pouch*).

Should I Roll My Own Cigarettes?

It really isn't for us to say whether you should or now, health wise no smoking is safe, but you can limit the dangers by reducing the amount of smoke you  inhale and also reducing the amount of chemicals you consume. There are a few hand rolling tobaccos on the market today which are additive free.

Now, this does not mean they aren't harmful or any healthier, we must be clear on this. Manufactured cigarettes do contain many chemicals which help keep the products in good shape, additive free tobaccos don't need any of this! 

Pueblo hand rolling tobacco is one such product, it is a little pricey but it is very popular and a best seller here at Cheapasmokes. It comes in Classic and Blue, the latter being lighter and smoother. Pueblo doesn't come with any papers, but we do have additive free papers available here at Cheapasmokes. 

Is It Cheaper To Roll My Own Cigarettes?

Pre Packed Or Loose Tobacco?

We have the most popular types of here at Cheapasmokes, from Sterling to Amber Leaf, Old Holborn and Golden Virginia to name just a few. These tobaccos are great for rolling your own cigarettes, many of them including a free packet of papers in each pouch. Loose tobacco, which we have a large selection of here at Cheapasmokes comes in many varieties, from Golden Blends to Dark Blends and in between. We have something for everyone!

Volume Tobacco? What Is This?

Volume tobacco is quite new to the UK, its description is exactly what it is, more volume added to it to give you more roll ups and tubed cigarettes per pouch or tub. Several brands have Volume Tobacco available, our best selling being the JPS 50gm Volume tub. This is great for rolling your own cigarettes and for tubing your own, and with more volume than standard hand rolling, you get more smokes for your money.

Buy With Confidence From Cheapasmokes

We hope we have helped clear up whether it is cheaper to roll your own cigarettes than buying manufactured ones, but we haven't really scratched the surface on what we offer in regards to smoking! 

You can buy with confidence here at Cheapasmokes, with over 1200 reviews and growing fast and a constant 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot, we are sure your shopping experience will be exceed your expectations. You can order online or over the phone, and our sales team will be on hand to help you with your smoking needs.

*Prices correct as of 07/09/22

Is it cheaper to roll your own tobacco?

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