Is Bayside Tobacco Any Good? -

Looking for reviews on Bayside Tobacco? Want to know if is Bayside tobacco any good? Bayside tobacco is brought to you by Von Eicken in the UK and is available in ASDA. 

Bayside Tobacco is a smoking tobacco, and comes in two varieties, Virginia and Mixed Blends and starts at 25gm pouches up to 100gm tubs for those who like to buy in bigger quantities and save £££!

Here at Cheapasmokes, Bayside is one of our best selling smoking tobaccos and because it is available in 25gm pouches, it's lower priced and easier on the pocket for those on a budget. 

Bayside Tobacco is mild on the nicotine, many reviews from our customers are all the same when it comes to the strength, not overpowering. The reviews for Virginia to Mixed Blend are not that far different, and the flavour on the palate are not too different, although the aroma is quite striking for the Mixed Blend. Bayside Tobacco burns slow, another positive review from our customers who enjoy this tobacco.

Overall Bayside Tobacco is a value brand, it's not going to break any records and most smokers will tell you the same, for the price Bayside is an excellent smoke.

To find out more and to purchase Bayside Tobacco online direct from us here at Cheapasmokes, visit here:

Is bayside tobacco any good?

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