Are Hamlet Cigars available on Amazon?

Cigarettes and Tobacco and more importantly Hamlet Cigars are not currently available to buy on Amazon. The leading online retailer does not currently get involved with these types of products, but in the future things might change, highly unlikely however. 

In the UK, there are stringent rules regarding the purchase of Tobacco products, you must be over the age of 18. Here at, we ensure all customers are age verified before any orders are dispatched, it does only take a few minutes do do this. On signing up for an account, your ID can be uploaded.

No Hamlet Cigars on Amazon!

So, if you can't purchase them from Amazon, where can you?

Here at Cheapasmokes, we sell the full range of Hamlet cigars currently on sale in the UK. The classic Panatella, which comes in a packet of 5, 10 and a multipack of 25. You can also purchase a tin of 50 Hamlet cigars.

What about Hamlet Miniatures?

Yes, we also sell these, they are a constant best seller, and like the others, these are not currently available on Amazon. These come in tins of 10, and also a multipack which includes 50 cigars. 

So, to clarify, Amazon do not currently stock hamlet cigars and are unlikely to do in the near future, but we have them in stock! Same day dispatch if you order before 3pm Monday to Thursday and 12pm on Fridays.

To buy Hamlet Cigars online, please use this link:

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