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Hamlet cigars refer to a brand of cigars that gained popularity in the United Kingdom. The name "Hamlet" is inspired by the famous Shakespearean play, "Hamlet."

Hamlet cigars are known for their machine-made construction and affordability, making them accessible to a wide range of cigar enthusiasts. They are often considered a mild or medium-bodied cigar and are available in various sizes, including small cigars and cigarillos.

The brand has been around for several decades and has become a familiar name in the cigar industry. It has a loyal following and is recognized for its consistent quality and flavour. Hamlet cigars are typically made with a blend of tobacco sourced from different regions, which contributes to their unique taste profile.

It's worth noting that cigar preferences can vary widely among individuals, and while Hamlet cigars have their own following, there are many other cigar brands and varieties available to explore. If you are interested in trying cigars, it's recommended to visit a reputable tobacconist who can provide guidance and recommendations based on your personal preferences.

Hamlet cigars - history

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