J. Cortés Cigars is a well-known Belgian cigar company that specializes in producing and distributing premium hand-rolled and machine-made cigars. The company was founded in 1926 by Jaime Cortès, a Spanish immigrant who settled in Belgium. J. Cortès has since become one of the leading cigar manufacturers in Europe and has a global presence.

1. History: J. Cortès has a rich history in the cigar industry, spanning nearly a century. The company has maintained a strong commitment to traditional craftsmanship and quality throughout its history.

2. Product Range: J. Cortès offers a wide range of cigars to suit various tastes and preferences. Their products include both premium hand-rolled cigars and machine-made cigars. Some of their popular cigar brands include Oliva, Neos, and Amigos.

3. International Presence: While J. Cortès Cigars originated in Belgium, they have expanded their operations and distribution worldwide. Their cigars are available in many countries across Europe, the United States, and other regions.

4. Innovation: J. Cortès has shown a commitment to innovation in the cigar industry. They have introduced new blends and packaging designs to cater to changing consumer preferences and market trends.

5. Family-Owned: The company has remained family-owned throughout its history. This commitment to family ownership often reflects the company's dedication to maintaining the traditions and values that have been at the core of their business.

6. Community Involvement: J. Cortès is involved in various charitable and community initiatives. They support causes related to culture, art, and social welfare.

7. Premium Cigars: J. Cortès produces premium hand-rolled cigars that are made by skilled artisans using high-quality tobacco. These cigars are known for their craftsmanship and the use of premium tobacco leaves.

8. Machine-Made Cigars: In addition to their premium hand-rolled cigars, J. Cortès also manufactures machine-made cigars, which are more affordable and offer a consistent smoking experience.

9. Quality Control: The company places a strong emphasis on quality control to ensure that their cigars meet high standards. They carefully select and process the tobacco used in their products to create a satisfying and flavourful smoking experience.

10. Sustainability: J. Cortès is committed to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices in their production and distribution processes. They aim to minimize their environmental impact and promote responsible sourcing of tobacco.

Overall, J. Cortès Cigars is a reputable and long-standing company in the cigar industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation in producing a diverse range of cigars to cater to various tastes and preferences.

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