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Are you looking for cheap hand rolling tobacco?

Here at Cheapasmokes, we think we have one of the cheapest priced hand rolling tobaccos available in the UK! Red House Virginia is a economy priced tobacco but not lower the quality. Red House is a Virginia mixed with Halfzware and smokes similar to Golden Virginia and Drum Gold. We have been selling this brand for several months and we have seen many of our valued customers changing over to Red House, and not just for the price, but because of the great blend and smooth smoke this blend gives. We price it at £9.99 per pack, but if you buy a full outer of 5 packets, the price is lowered to just £9.94, which we think is an unbeatable deal!

To find out more about Red House Hand Rolling, just click here to go straight to the shop page and make your order. We ship the same day if you order before 3pm Monday to Friday!

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