Castella Cigars are brought to you by tobacco super giant, Imperial Tobacco and are manufactured in the EU. Castella Cigars have a very strong following in the UK, down the continued quality which has been around for many years and will be for many years to come. Many of Cheapasmokes customers smoke Castella cigars, and with the constant low price which is helped by being made by Imperial Tobacco, Castella continues to dominate the cigar market in the UK, but are they any good?

Castella cigars are disliked by many and loved by many, a bit like marmite. We think the reason Castella continues to be so popular is down to price and the knowledge you are purchasing a 'quality' item from a premium company. In this day and age, quality and trust means a lot and with the market flooded with counterfeit tobacco, cigarettes and cigars, buying from a trusted source such as Cheapasmokes, means you know what you are paying and you know what your are paying for.

We have a nice range of Castella cigars listed on our shop site, all at low prices and the same as our high street branches. Click here to view the full range and don't be afraid to leave us your comments on Castella and other recommendations you might have for fellow cigar smokers here in the UK.


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