Peterson Irish Flake Tobacco 50gm

Size: 1 Tin


Peterson Irish Flake is a well-known and highly regarded pipe tobacco blend produced by Peterson of Dublin, a distinguished name in the world of pipes and tobaccos. Here's an overview of Peterson Irish Flake:

Blend Composition: Irish Flake is a blend of high-quality Virginia and Burley tobaccos, which are carefully selected and processed to create a distinctive flavour profile. Additionally, it typically contains a small amount of dark-fired Kentucky tobacco, known for its robust and smoky character.

Preparation: One notable aspect of Peterson Irish Flake is its unique preparation method. The tobaccos are pressed and aged, allowing them to marry and mature over time. This process results in a dense, sturdy tobacco cake, which is then sliced into flakes for packaging.

Flavour Profile: Irish Flake is renowned for its bold, full-bodied flavour. The Virginia tobaccos provide a natural sweetness and brightness, while the Burley adds depth and richness to the blend. The dark-fired Kentucky tobacco contributes a smoky and earthy undertone, enhancing the complexity of the smoke. Overall, Irish Flake offers a robust and satisfying flavour experience that is both nuanced and well-balanced.

Strength: Irish Flake is considered to be a strong blend in terms of nicotine content. It packs a punch that is sure to satisfy those who enjoy a more robust smoke. However, despite its strength, the flavour remains smooth and enjoyable, making it a favourite among seasoned pipe smokers.

Smoke Characteristics: When smoked, Irish Flake delivers a rich and flavourful smoke with a pleasing room note. The dense flakes burn slowly and evenly, allowing the smoker to savour the complex flavours throughout the bowl. The smoke is cool and smooth, with no harshness or bite, making it a delight to enjoy in leisurely pipe sessions.

Overall, Peterson Irish Flake is a beloved blend cherished by pipe enthusiasts for its exceptional quality, bold flavour, and satisfying smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned pipe smoker or new to the hobby, Irish Flake is sure to impress with its depth and complexity.

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