Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls 50gm Pipe Tobacco

Size: 1 Tin


Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls 50gm Pipe Tobacco.

Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls pipe tobacco is a premium blend produced by Peterson of Dublin, a respected name in the world of pipes and pipe tobacco. This particular blend is highly regarded among pipe enthusiasts for its exceptional quality and unique flavour profile.

Deluxe Navy Rolls is a type of sliced roll tobacco, meaning it is composed of compressed tobacco rather than loose ribbon-cut strands, and presented in slices. The blend primarily consists of high-quality Virginia tobaccos, which are carefully aged and pressed into dense flakes. Additionally, a small amount of Louisiana Perique tobacco, known for its peppery and fruity characteristics, is added to enhance the complexity of the blend.

The tobacco flakes are then sliced into individual coins or "rolls," which are easy to pack and prepare for smoking. The pressing and aging process allows the flavours to meld together and develop over time, resulting in a rich and nuanced smoking experience.

Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls is known for its natural sweetness, with notes of hay, grass, and citrus from the Virginia tobaccos, complemented by the subtle spice and fruitiness of the Perique. The blend is often described as smooth, complex, and satisfying, making it a favourite among seasoned pipe smokers.

Due to its popularity and premium quality, Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls pipe tobacco may be slightly more expensive than some other blends. However, many enthusiasts consider it well worth the investment for the exceptional smoking experience it provides.

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