OCB Automatic Rolling Box



OCB Automatic Rolling Box.

Great papers and tobacco storage from this automatic rolling box

Premium quality from one of Europe's leading tobacco papers and accessories brands.

Size: 92mm wide

Rolling Size: 6mm & 8mm filter sizes

Includes instruction paper.

An OCB Automatic Rolling Box is a device designed to facilitate the rolling of cigarettes. Here's a general description of how it typically works:

  1. Loading: To begin, you open the rolling box by lifting the lid. Inside, you'll find two rollers, one fixed and one movable.
  2. Preparing the Paper: Place a rolling paper between the two rollers, with the gummed edge facing you and extending slightly beyond the edge of the rollers.
  3. Adding Tobacco/Herbs: Sprinkle your desired amount of tobacco or herbs evenly along the paper, ensuring not to overfill to avoid difficulty in rolling.
  4. Rolling: Close the lid of the rolling box and use your thumbs to roll the movable roller toward you. This action evenly distributes the tobacco/herbs and starts the rolling process.
  5. Sealing: Once the paper has been rolled, lick the gummed edge lightly to moisten it. Then continue rolling until the paper is fully wrapped around the tobacco/herbs.
  6. Completion: Open the lid and carefully remove your freshly rolled cigarette or joint. Trim any excess paper if necessary.

The OCB Automatic Rolling Box is designed to provide consistent and uniform rolling results, making it easier for users to roll their cigarettes or joints quickly and efficiently. It's a handy tool for those who prefer to roll their own smokes but want to ensure a neat and well-rolled result every time.

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