Gawith Hoggarth - Balkan Mixture 50gm Tin



Gawith Hoggarths Kendal Balkan Mixture Loose Pipe Tobacco in a 50 Gram tin. Hoggarths Balkan Mixture is a pipe tobacco blend of the finest Virginia tobaccos. Rich in Latakia, which is expertly blended to give a unique taste and aroma. This Kendal Balkan Mixture blend is rich in flavour with earthy tones for a strong smoke. In previous years, Gallaher used to have a Balkan Sobranie, which was discontinued. If you are looking for a substitute to this much loved and much missed blend, this is the closest you can get..!

Balkan Mixture is a classic pipe tobacco blend that is highly regarded among pipe enthusiasts. It's known for its rich and complex flavour profile, which typically includes a combination of Oriental, Latakia, and Virginia tobaccos. The term "Balkan" refers to the region in Southeast Europe, and Balkan-style blends are characterised by the presence of Latakia, a type of tobacco that is fire-cured and imparts a smoky, leathery flavour to the blend.

In a Balkan Mixture, the Latakia is often balanced by the sweetness of Virginia tobaccos and the spice and aroma of Oriental tobaccos. The result is a harmonious blend with layers of flavour that evolve throughout the smoking experience. Balkan Mixture blends are typically medium to full-bodied and are appreciated by smokers who enjoy the complexity and depth of flavour that they offer.

Several tobacco companies produce their own versions of Balkan Mixture, each with its own unique recipe and interpretation of the style. Popular brands known for their Balkan blends include Samuel Gawith, and many others. If you're interested in trying Balkan Mixture, you can often find it at specialty tobacco shops or online retailers that carry a wide range of pipe tobacco products.

Brought to you by Gawith Hoggarth of Kendal.

  • Premium Quality Balkan Mixture Latakia Blend
  • Ready Rubbed
  • Presented in smoking tin
  • Several Other Kendal 50 Gram Tins Available

Note: This is a pipe tobacco.

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