Gawith Hoggarth - American Kentucky 50gm Tin



Gawith Hoggarth's American Kentucky Blend (Nougat) begins with a foundation of Black Cavendish tobacco, complemented by a generous portion of golden Virginia, and delicately infused with a mellow topping of creamy toffee and cocoa. Despite its aromatic nature, this blend maintains a lightness that appeals to smokers across experience levels, from novices to seasoned enthusiasts, including those accustomed to pure tobaccos. While the sweetness of the topping is evident, it never overwhelms, allowing the natural sweetness of the Cavendish and Virginia to shine through.

The interplay of golden brown ribbons intertwined with strips of black tobacco creates an enticing visual allure, while the texture invites the fingers to pinch and pack it effortlessly into a pipe. Upon ignition, it readily kindles and produces abundant clouds of creamy smoke that caresses the palate gently. As it slowly burns down to a dry ash, the tobacco's irresistible character remains, enticing smokers to indulge in its charms even after a lengthy session.

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