Erinmore Flake Pipe Tobacco 50gm

Size: 1 Tin


Erinmore Flake Pipe Tobacco 50gm Tin, is a premium flake tobacco. Similar blend to Erinmore Mixture, but in flake form giving a smooth, cooler smoke. Thin flake form presented in a strong smokers tin.

Erinmore Flake is another well-known pipe tobacco produced by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, under the Erinmore brand. It's a blend that has garnered a loyal following among pipe smokers for its unique flavour and quality. Erinmore Flake is a Virginia-based tobacco that is known for its fruity and citrusy flavour profile, often with notes of orange and other citrus fruits. The tobacco is pressed into flake form and then aged to develop its flavours before being cut into thin slices for packaging.

One of the distinctive features of Erinmore Flake is the addition of a special essence known as "Erinmore essence," which adds a subtle, sweet note to the smoke. This essence is a closely guarded secret of the blend, contributing to its unique character.

Erinmore Flake is typically enjoyed by pipe smokers who appreciate a mild to medium-bodied smoke with a pleasant aroma and a hint of sweetness. It's often recommended for smokers who enjoy Virginia blends or those looking to try something new and flavourful.

  • Quality brand
  • Flake Pipe Tobacco
  • Premium Virginia & Burley Blend
  • Genuine Erinmore Flake Pipe Tobacco 50gm Tin

    Strictly over 18's only

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