Gawith Hoggarth - Ennerdale Flake 50gm Tin



Ennerdale Flake Tobacco by Gawith Hoggarth, is a broken flake tobacco and one of the finest flakes on the market. A superior blend, loved by many pipe smokers. Fruit, almond and vanilla undertones from Virginia leaves from around the world make this Ennerdale Flake a classic. 

Ennerdale Flake is one of the signature blends from Gawith Hoggarth & Co. It's a highly aromatic pipe tobacco that's well-loved by enthusiasts around the world. Ennerdale Flake is known for its distinctive scent and flavour profile, which often includes floral and fruity notes, along with a subtle hint of vanilla. This blend is made using Virginia and Burley tobaccos, which are carefully flavoured and pressed into flake form.

It's a favourite among fans of aromatic tobaccos, offering a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. Ennerdale Flake is often considered a classic in the world of pipe smoking, and it's readily available from various tobacco retailers. If you enjoy aromatic blends with a rich and complex flavour profile, Ennerdale Flake is definitely worth trying.


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