Elixyr Hollow Cigarettes

Choose Quantity & Product: 1 Single Packet


Elixyr Hollow Cigarettes. As the name suggests, these cigarettes have a hollow filter which allows the smoker to insert a filter of their choice.

Note: This item has now been discontinued and stock is limited. Please choose single packets and + or - quantity to order.

  • Hollow Filter
  • 20 Cigarettes Per Pack
  • Cigarettes DO NOT come with filters

How to purchase: Choose the desired quantity of cigarettes and click 'ADD TO CART'. Then choose the desired quantity of filters and then click 'ADD TO CART'.

As an example, you will need 1 bag of 100 filters for 5 packets (100 cigarettes). 

Customer reviews: "These are the best replacement yet!...." (To menthol cigarettes)

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