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Al Capone Blunt Wraps Straight let you enjoy your smoking experience with flavour and quality. The size of the Tobacco Leaf Wrap gives you the perfect amount of leaf to wrap your tobacco and herbs. Smoke with confidence knowing you're using a reliable wrap.

Al Capone Blunt Wraps Straight

100% tobacco leaf, which features a self adhesive edge to make it even more easy to create the perfect roll and seal. The Al Capone Straight wrap is Full flavour.

Each packet contains 1 x Al Capone Blunt Wraps Straight

What are Al Capone Tobacco wraps?

Blunt wraps are a type of cigar wrapper commonly used for rolling cigars or cigar-like products. The term "blunt" often refers to a cigar that has been emptied of its original tobacco filling, and some people replace it with a blend of various tobacco and herbs.

Tobacco leaf wraps are natural tobacco leaves used as a rolling material for cigars, cigarillos, or other tobacco-based products. These leaves are typically dried and cured before being processed for use. Unlike traditional cigars, where the tobacco is blended and aged, tobacco leaf wraps are often used for rolling customized cigars or cigar-like products.

These wraps come in different flavours, sizes, and materials. While they are often made from tobacco leaves, there are also non-tobacco alternatives like hemp wraps, crafted from the fibres of the hemp plant. Popular flavours include fruit, chocolate, vanilla, and more.

To create a blunt, individuals typically open the cigar, remove the tobacco, fill it with their chosen substance, and then seal it back up. The resulting rolled product is generally larger and burns more slowly than a regular cigarette. It's worth noting that the use of blunt wraps is subject to legal regulations in many places, so it's essential to be aware of and comply with local laws.

If you prefer a more fruity flavoured wrap, then try Al Capone Twilight here.

Strictly over 18's only

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