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Chongz Triple Percolator - Green Nasty

The Chongz Triple Percolator Green Nasty Bong £39.99 plus P&P, is one of the most popular, due to it's fantastic design which creates hundreds of tiny bubbles through the water, filtering and cleaning even more junk from the smoke.

At 37cm high, it's is one of Chongz tallest glass bongs, but with 5mm thick glass it's built with durability in mind, and will last a long while if looked after correctly. 

The Green Nasty also has an 'Ash Catcher', meaning your ash from your chosen tobacco will be caught and makes this Chongz bong easier to clean!

This bong is actually a teal colour, a deeper green colour but is known in the UK as the Chongz Green Nasty! We know you will not be disappointed in this triple percolator bong, and like we said if you look after this right, it will serve you well!

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