Looking for a CBD Shop In Newcastle?

The Cheap Tab Shop located in The Grainger Market sells the UK's favourite CBD products from the LiveWell range, starting at just £9.99. LiveWell CBD has won countless awards in 2018 and 2019 and is based right here in the UK in Middlesbrough!

CBD is becoming very popular in the UK and many people take it for many reasons, headaches, migraines, muscle pain, nightmares and so many more, the list is endless. CBD can be used to ease stress and anxiety, and has helped many people not only in the UK but worldwide.

The Cheap Tab Shop, is your place to buy a trusted and award winning CBD products, and we just know you are going to love them! Our prices are some of the lowest you will find in Newcastle and the surrounding areas, we are easy to find and our helpful staff can assist with other CBD products that we can get for you!

We currently have 2 types of LiveWell CBD on sale, the 'Raw' range and the 'Winterised' blend. Both offering the same excellent CBD product, but the 'Winterised' is a little bit superior, and has an overall smoother taste and is not as harsh as the 'Raw' variety. LiveWell CBD Raw is cookie flavoured and the Winterised version is a sweet mocha blend.

So, if you are looking for CBD Shop In Newcastle, then come in to The Cheap Tab Shop and let us assit you with the LiveWell CBD range.

Call us now: 01912615312



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